The AI-Generated Barbenheimer Movie Trailer That Turns Barbie Into An Atomic Scientist

Barbie and Oppenheimer hit theaters on July 21. Dubbed, “Barbenheimer”, both films have saved Hollywood after a string of high-profile box office duds. Now, to celebrate Barbenheimer Youtube channel Curious Refuge used Midjourney with some AE plug-ins to merge the two original films into a crossover movie that shouldn’t make any sense.

See how Curious Refuge merged the pink, plastic world of Barbie with the historical and hellish origin story of the atomic bomb.

The AI trailer is surprisingly clever and entertaining. Barbie can do anything including inventing an atomic bomb.  Despite aesthetics and messages that are the complete opposite, the trailer is surprisingly coherent. And this highlights the concern actors and writers have about AI replacing them. Apart from protesting low wages, salaries, and residuals, AI is a major issue of the writers’ and actors’ strikes that have shut down Hollywood this month.

Still, AI is here to stay.

And as a tool, it has immense possibilities for filmmakers.

The ability to cobble together a trailer with Midjourney is a powerful visual pitch deck for filmmakers seeking funding.


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